Drones for Santa Barbara

It has come to our attention that the Pentagon has been turning over surplus military equipment to various police departments around the country. This is a great idea, but it raises the question of how much of this largess has Santa Barbara bennefitted from. Over 93,000 machine guns have been delivered over to police departments around the country. How many have been delivered to the Santa Barbara city police and the county Sheriff’s Department? If a proportional percentage has been delivered, all is well and good. If not, why not? The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department already has 6 helicopters. How well armed are these helicopters? If an adequate number of machine guns were delivered, why aren’t these helicopters armed with them? The threat of terrism is not to be taken lightly. These helicopters were originally designed for military use. Their utility in the war on terror should not be underestimated. It is a fundamental principle that you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. If these helicopters are going to be sent in harm’s way, they need to be adequately armed. This includes machine guns. It also includes Hellfire missiles. If terrists were to strike Isles La Vista, a few well placed Hellfires could put a quick end to most of them. Once the Hellfires were expended, the helicopters could then be employed as gunships and finish off any survivors with machine guns. Without adequate armament none of this is possible. Then the terrists would win. We can’t have that. However helicopters typically cost more than $1,000,000 a year to operate.
The long term solution is to have a fleet of drones patrolling the sky 24/7 over the county. Only then would we have some measure of security. The helicopters could still be used for delivering airborne SWAT teams. Under this scenario we have at least a chance of winning the war on terror. The SWAT team could practice their techniques on drunken frat boys, gang bangers, and etcetera.
In the late and much lamented East Germany they knew how to maintain security.
Brigadier Herrik Boering (Retd.)